Just like going to the hospital for your annual checkup, updating your website can be one of those jobs you delay. But at what cost?

A tired website can make you, your business and your products or services look tired too.

Poor set up and design could be negatively affecting your search engine ranking losing you thousands of visitors and customers each year.

So why hold your business back by delaying updating your website? There’s a lot to be gained from updating an old website and we’ll make sure the changeover is easy, seamless and effective.


  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Many website designers don’t fully understand search engine optimization (SEO) so when they update a website it can negatively impact the SEO.

In this case Systemax make the update without negatively affecting the existing SEO and actually improve to get more visitors through search engine traffic.

  1. Update the look and feel to create a strong, professional first impression

No one will contact you online or by phone if your website doesn’t build instant trust. This is especially true for professional businesses like lawyers, doctors, dentists, constructors, architects and many others.

A website is built on a simple and easy to update yet it creates a great first impression with a clean, modern feel and easy to read content

  1. Add video content

Recognizing the importance of video marketing, which are shared as blog posts. This is an easy way to differentiate your company from other companies, establish their superior expertise and services and create an immediate personal connection with new and existing clients.

  1. Content creation

Work closely with clients to create new content for the website and streamline existing content. The aim is to make the site equally useful to the clients.

  1. Improve navigation

Even though a huge amount of new content was added during the website update simplify the navigation system to make content easier to find. Everyone is in a hurry these days, so helping your clients find the information they need fast on your website is essential.

Creating a new website is always fun but updating an old website can be just as exciting. All the more so when you launch it with great results.


Need to get a website update? If your website looks outdated, is hard to use and has content that doesn’t resonate with your clients it could be losing you thousands of dollars of each year.

Don’t delay! http://www.systemax.co.tz/  make a quote and find out how you can turn your website from blah to boom.




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