Just past a year, we received an official request from TCRA encouraging us to register .tz domains for our business websites and email use. Just recently WIKI YA KIKOA CHA .TZ was held and the campaign

goal was the same. The question is, how do people take .tz domain? Some say if you have a .tz domain, the website will be down always, it won’t be found internationally and not even good for business. Those were negative words fed among ourselves without enough knowledge. Today we will let you know why you should have the .tz domain and its advantages.

By the way, what is a domain?

Domain is used to identify your website name. For example, in the web site address "http://www.systemax.co.tz " the domain name is systemax.co.tz. Domain names are also used in e-mail addresses For exampleThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The following are the advantages of using dot tz domain.

  • Identity

.tz offers online identity that covers all the features of the Tanzanian country.

  • Consumption of .tz reduces unnecessary use of foreign currency

Using the domain of .com requires to pay in $ dollar while using a .tz domain you pay in Tanzanian currency.

  • To promote national economy

The use of .tz promotes the economy of the country, since the .tz payment is done in Tanzanian currency our economy grows through .tz

  • Patriotism

The domain of .tz is Tanzanian resource that its usage implies patriotism

  • Creates credibility

The use of .tz domain adds loyalty online this is because its registration has been held in Tanzania for example, a business partner with a foreigner will build trust because it comes from Tanzania and your domain is self-centered.

  • Cheaper

.tz domain names are affordable and readily available   price of register 25,000/= and for       Schools is 12,000/= Compared with .COM price from 30,000 / = and above.

  • Easy to find any name you want in various types of extension i.e. .co.tz, .org.tz, .sc.tz, .mil.tz

NB: The availability and performance of the .tz domains online is similar to any other domains including .com. It does not matter which domain you have, the hosting server determines everything. Upatikanaji na usalama wa website au email zako hewani inatokana na hosting uliyonunua.

Systemax advises those with DOT COM domains to also have DOT TZ domain or even transfer completely and as for those thinking to register domains we advise you to register your DOT TZ domain in a simple way and affordable price. You can click this link to find your domain name and hosting service at cheap price. http://systemaxtz.net/ .



  • .co.tz - Only for registered company or business entity as defined under national laws.
  • .or.tz - Only for none profit making organizations.
  • .go.tz - Only for formal Tanzania Governmental entities as recognized through parliament or on production of a letter from relevant Permanent Secretary of the relevant government Ministry where the registrant belongs.
  • .ac.tz - Only for formal tertiary academic or technical institutions with relevant accreditation.
  • .ne.tz - Only for addressing the network of people and hardware.
  • .mil.tz - Exclusively for Tanzania Military entities recognized by the Ministry responsible for Defense;
  • .sc.tz - Only for schools that are elementary, primary and secondary level institutions
  • .me.tz - For personal use, individuals, and family names. Ideal for personal blogs and private email addresses.
  • .hotel.tz - For hotels.
  • .info.tz - The name is derived from information, meant for informational websites.
  • .mobi.tz - For mobile devices that access internet resources via the mobile web, it may also be used by companies that offer mobile services.
  • .tv.tz - The name is derived from television, meant for television service providers.

"Dot tz for security and online identity"

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